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About Madelene

Madelene is an experienced realtor in the real estate industry, and she is a member of the Greg Roberts Group within Coldwell Banker Realty. Over the last 24 months, the group's listings have sold for an average of 6.1% more than the average South Bay agent. Greg Roberts Group shares Madelene's vision and is dedicated to providing personal, high-quality service to their clients.

Madelene is dedicated to providing personalized service to her clients by focusing on their specific needs and guiding them through every aspect of the real estate transaction process. She helps her clients with everything from finding the best deals, evaluating loan options, approaching lenders, and securing the ideal property to exceptional marketing. Her attention to detail and genuine care ensure that her clients are comfortable and confident throughout the process.

Madelene's core philosophy is to give back to the community for a brighter future. She is helping seniors unfamiliar with modern technology, making their lives more convenient.

In her free time, Madelene enjoys cooking and spending time with her furry friend, Theo.

Background and Experience

Madelene Kim founded and operates a relocation company that provides tailored and effortless assistance for local and international families relocating to California. This involves finding and securing a home, registering with the local community's school districts, utility providers, banks, DMV office, social security office, and car purchases.


Korean, English